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Dwyane Wade says ‘togetherness’ id not in the team amid Heat lapses

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

There was an inherent trust for 4 seasons, along with a Harlem Shake video as well as a lot of video bombing.

It was not smooth every time during Miami Heat’s Big Three run through 4 back to back Finals of the NBA, but there was an expectation of finding a path. It was, at times, as easy as stepping aside as well as having LeBron James clean all the mess. Now, with LeBron lost to Cleveland Cavaliers, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade find themselves caught up in another kind of chemistry.

The final results are evenings like 99 – 83 defeat to Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday at the start of this 5 match trip that goes on till Sunday against Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center. (more…)

In the Hockey Hall of Fame Rafalski is an inductee

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

In the current year of inductee medallists of the Olympic, four which includes two coach and player each will play an important role in the hockey sport held in U.S on many fronts. Silver medallist twice and champion of the Stanley Cup thrice, Rafalski is also included in the list of honourees.

Joining him is the captain of women’s team of ice hockey in the 1998 games of Nagano, Karyn Bye Dietzeg, the coach of college Jeff Sauer and the assistant coach Lou Vairo. The team of individuals in 2014 has an optimistic approach in their country of hockey.

On December 4, The Hall of Fame of Hockey will have their dinner with the ceremony. In the ceremony of induction, the trophy of Lester Patrick by the NHL will be presented. The drafting of Rafalski never occurred but for four seasons he was he proved his mettle in Europe. In 1999 he was signed as a free agent by the New Jersey Devils. Regular games of total 541 have been played by him with the Devils and bringing laurels to the team.

Best defenseman (according to the plain sailing twitter) was the coaching during his time and he was blessed to have been coached by them. To share the same locker game with the legends in Detroit is special for him till date. Rafalski completed his career of NHL with 79 goals. But it was the knee injury which compelled him to retire after the season of 2010-2011. As far as small defenseman goes, he is the greatest role model. He is an inspiration to those who do not believe that they can be in NHL with perseverance and continous consistency backed up with good luck and skill. The players should have the speed and passion to drive them into the game that is what he believes.

Sterling Owns Up His Mistake!

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

On Sunday the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers Donald Sterling apologized for making chauvinistic remarks which were detained in the tape saying that they were a dreadful fault.

The comments which he made was going to release on Monday according to the sources but Sterling told to Anderson Cooper of CNN’s that he is not a racist, he is there to apologies for making a big mistake.

Sterling after being banned for life made public comments and said that his good behaviour as an owner will show positive results towards his future. Sterling further added that he loves his game and also his teammates. He has done a very big fault and he will never commit it again.

Sterling has been fined by the commissioner of NBA Adam silver an amount of $2.5 million and also advised other league owners to force Sterling to sell his team. Sterling whispered that he is very much upset with what he has done and he is waiting to make an open confession.

Sterling later on added that it’s very hard to accept the fault. He knows what he has done. He has created the main problem and he doesn’t know how to rectify it. If the owners feel that there is another opportunity for him then they should give him.

On the same day the comments of Sterling was placed by ABC News. Shelly Sterling said that for her 50 percent ownership risk of the team she will keep combating. Shelly Sterling asked the reason for getting the punishment for the deeds which he has done. She is speculating that that there are about 30 owners. If any of the owner’s wives made such a mistake or something similar to that then will they reject their husband or leave them? She will fight for this decision she added.

Rondo may go to Houston Rockets

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

With National Basketball Associations last date for trade getting closer, and everyday a new rumor is dominating the social media. A top basketball website had reported that Boston and Houston are both set to make a move before the last date and another sports site has suggested that the 2 teams would work together on a probable contract involving Celtics Rajon Rondo.

Houston want to move Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin as well as packaging the 2 young players with a draft pick might land them the player they required to surpass San Antonio and Oklahoma City in Western Conference. (more…)

Yao Ming’s another side of life

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Yao Ming sports different hats since retiring from NBA in the year 2011. Now he is the owner of Chinese Basketball League team Shanghai Sharks. He is also the Napa Valley wine company owner. It appears that Yao has not got retired to slow down.

The most successful Chinese player in the history of National Basketball Association has worked very closely with winemaker Tom Hinde on the brand which is sold in the United States and China. Ming very intimately worked with this brand as he did not want something which was not up to his standards. Most people knew that people would buy this wine because this carries his name, but appear from his name, he wanted the thing to have value for reasons.

When he was playing for Houston Rockets, Yao developed a taste for red wine while enjoying it with huge Texas steaks with his mates. He began learning about this from Dikembe Mutombo. He unveiled Yao Ming cabernet and US$ 625 Yao Ming Family reserve. In the year 2011, he also released a cabernet sauvignon. In 2013, Yao has unveiled a more averagely priced wine – it is his US$ 48 Napa Crest, which is a Bordeaux style red wine meld.

In around two years time, Yao would be a graduate in economics and management. This may seem odd – a multimillionaire looking for his graduation degree; but this is what makes him unique. He signed for Sharks, when he was only seventeen years of age.