Michael Jackson – Bad Tour in japan (1987)

Video Score: 4 / 5
Look for for Ticket Stubs from this concert

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25 Responses to “Michael Jackson – Bad Tour in japan (1987)”

  1. Alyssa Jones Says:

    I remember reading from some fan’s blog that the Bad Tour was going to be
    Michael’s debut solo and final tour, because he wanted to focus on making
    albums and movies.

  2. Hannah PYT Says:

    1:16:55 – 1:17:00 shake yo booty hole yo mighty booty
    I’m actually crying here omg 

  3. brwneyesaz Says:

    Those dancers with MJ are awesome.
    MJ personally picked out all of them to be on tour. I read it on
    This is one of the best tours MJ ever did. Thanks for sharing.

  4. LueLueLovesYouu Says:

    -Guy starts dancing to Shake Your Body –
    -Everyone Looks – o___o
    -Backup Singer – “No…Now you know that’s nasteh…you know that’s
    nasteh…especially in them pants that’s very nasteh….Michael please go
    correct that man and help him in some type of way”

  5. allymayful Says:

    One of an elite few of totally unique entertainers the world has ever seen.
    Up there with Charlie Chaplin, Marcel Marceau, Elvis, The Beatles. They all
    came up with something the world had never seen before. 

  6. Pēteris Rakuls Says:

    I wish there would be all 123 “Bad Tour” shows available in HD (video and
    sound). Every one of them would be with their own beauty because all was
    live and MJ moves here and there always are improvised and perfect. He was
    at top form at 1987-1992. Miss him.

  7. damian1202001 Says:

    I saw him on the BAD TOUR, he played in Cork city in Ireland on 31 July
    1988. It was a fabulous show, we got right to the front of the stage. I
    still have the ticket stub!

  8. Isadora Daniele de Andrade Says:

    My king of pop


    I hate when ppl say that he wasnt sexual sure fool the hell out if me! Omg
    he exodes sex! From his movement to his thrusting damn he was such a turn
    on. Bad era had to be his most sexiest!!!#MJwasAllKindofHotNSexy#

  10. Rakesh ramu Says:

    Why there are some dislikes for this video..?..it was indeed best

  11. 2000coco Says:

    So much talent, so high energy – his dance moves is such a treat to watch.
    Please please don’t remove this video….I go back to all his live
    performances and love watching it more than the last time. Nobody could
    sing, shimmy, dance, and move like MJ. He’s the ultimate performer and
    crowd pleaser …probably Beyoncé is the only one today who is second to
    his charisma and talent on stage. I miss him so

  12. Laura Tuller Says:

    OF THE WORLD! <3 :)

  13. MisterrSwagGaming Says:

    Just remembering the years before I knew Michael Jackson! When I met him,
    my life changed forever! I was afraid to go outside! My friends would tease
    me! Michael was always good to me, even when I turned 18 he threw a big
    party for me! I think a lot of people misunderstood him, I used to think he
    didn’t understand me, but he was like the only one who did! Mike and I had
    lots of good conversations, it saddened me a lot when he died, I was only
    in my early 30’s! I met Michael when I was about 10 or 11 y.o! 

  14. Sheldon Moffett Says:

    How old was michael jackson someone plz tell me

  15. RGLover641 Says:

    can anyone tell me what song is at 23:20 :o

  16. Alessandra Santos Says:

    Michael Jackson está TÃO LINDO aqui… eu amo essa era BAD … ele sempre
    foi Lindo… mas a era bad é que ele está mais bonito e que me chama mais
    atenção…oh.. se não fosse o vitiligo q ele tinha ele continuaria sendo um
    moreno lindo…acho tão lindo seus cachos…tão sexy e envolvente ele está
    nessa era Bad.. O maior Artista de todos os Tempos.. ÚNICO E ORIGINAL…O
    ARTISTA COMPLETO!!! O maior Show Man que já existiu na história da música
    Pop de toodoos os tempos!!! Eu te amo de Mais Michael, e levarei voce
    sempre comigo em meu coração..Só quem é fan de verdade desse Cara, só quem
    conhece realmente toda a sua história de vida e quem conhece o verdadeiro
    Michael Jackson sabe o que eu estou dizendo…. I Love you More… te amo
    de Mais de Mais….Lindooo É O REI DO POP!!! ficou na HISTÓRIA!!! Eterno
    Michael Jackson..este é o MELHOR ARTISTA DE TODOS OS TEMPOS!! E o ser
    Humano Mais Lindo em todos os sentidos que eu já vi !!! Sou fan de mais
    dele!!! me apaixonei desde a primeira vez que eu o vi.. e não consigo parar
    de amar e de admirar todo o seu Talento…foi um gênio da música! Amo ele
    em todas as fases de Jackson Five a This Is It…AMEI SEMPRE..Admiro tudo
    nele! Obrigada Michael por ser um artista único, inovador
    ,criativo,humanitário e completo.. Voce foi o artista que todo o Mundo
    gostaria de ter e voce Existiu… por tudo isso e muito mais é que o
    Michael Jackson É O REI DO POP!!!!! Obrigada Michael por tudo que voce já
    fez nesse Mundo!!! Meu ídolo da Música Pop… I love you Michael
    Jackson..Nunca, jamais vamos te esquecer!! Você Será lembrado para

  17. lanitta lana Says:

    Does someone know how many thousands ppl were here ?

  18. Holy Moses Says:

    michael jackson live in yokohama… beautiful <3

  19. 80srocks Says:

    1:29:27 the most perfect looking man i have ever seen in my life..

  20. Umainah Abdat Says:

    why so sexy?? tell me whyy???? and plss… dont tell me that is human

  21. helios Says:

    aw wasn’t she lovely, the girl brought up on stage for ‘out of my life’, so
    polite, unlike the mad yokes that throw themselves at him at other times 🙂
    so sweet.

  22. Marr Chambers Says:

    Who the heck was “Billy” Jean???

  23. Toni Khafif Says:

    Micheal Jackson was the best for all times songs

  24. OctavioTheOctopus Says:

    oh my gosh that She’s Out My Life performance, Michael’s voice is soo *o*

  25. BabyJoffin Says:

    I had this on video back in the 1980s. I watched it hundreds of times. MJ
    looked so gorgeous. Thanks for uploading and bringing back so many memories