Tina Turner Wildest Dreams Interview Part 1

Video Rating: four / five
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11 Responses to “Tina Turner Wildest Dreams Interview Part 1”

  1. domluvstina Says:

    She is amazing!!!And she is huge in Europe trust me! Love you Tina!!!

  2. gerre2020 Says:

    donde consigo esta entreviista en espaƱol o subtitulada , por favor ,

  3. tipsytinkerbell Says:

    yeah & she also sold out 5 times at London’s o2 arena which holds around
    20,000 & 4 nights at Manchester’s MEN arena which holds around 18,000 in
    the UK. SUPAH!

  4. clara bejkmm Says:

    everyone loves everything about you!

  5. laarbe Says:

    I just love this woman. I am so glad that she is living her Wildest Dreams
    because she is Simply The Best. And yes Tina America does love and
    appreciate you. Thanks for the post.

  6. Jaymie Ortiz Says:

    Your Wildest Dreams Are My Ultimate Dreams – I Hope To Make It There
    Because I Simply Know I Can.

  7. derekTX211 Says:

    she’s back baby!

  8. MonsieurOeuf Says:

    Because it’s widely known she was always more successful in EU than in the
    USA. Her tours were always more successful here. Idk why, but America
    seemed not to appreciate her efforts enough. I think EU is more likely to
    adapt an artist and their art rather than America with its kinda closed
    market. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but it’s sorta true.

  9. tinaturnerfan84 Says:

    Ah bless Kenny moore RIP. I love this interview thanks derekTX211.Tina is
    always right, I love it !!

  10. derekTX211 Says:

    Tina often says that she doesn’t feel like a huge star in the US…I don’t
    live in Europe, so maybe I don’t fully understand her justification, but I
    think she is huge in the US…Tina if you read this, we LOVE you!!!!

  11. j. dupre Says:

    I’m European she has a huge following here but there she is a big as
    madonna, rolling stones etc she much bigger there. her music rarely sell
    here then it does in Europe